These links are NOT paid advertisements!  These are just great places to get important things and information.
Boy Scouts of America National Council web site.
TraiedPatch The BSA On Line Learing Center is an essential tool for new and established adult leaders.  Adult leader training is required and essential for all types of Scouting units.
BSATroops Scout Troop web page hosting and web page graphics.
Camp4Less.bmp At Camp4less you can get geared up.  By the same folks who brought you Pin and Patch (below).
logo-classb-home.png Great place to get custom and unique patches and attire for your "Class B" uniforms.  Cool patrol patches!
DiscountRocketry Model rockets and rocketry supplies!
DutchOven Dutch oven recipies!
Don't forget to look on ebay for deals on new and used uniforms, camping gear and Scout memorabelia.
Get Knotted - Animations showing how to tie knots.  Information on how and when to use certain knots. Excellent source of the current requirements for advancement and merit for Scouts of all ages.
NESA National Eagle Scout Association - If you are an Eagle you should be a member for life!
sb-logo.gif National Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas.  Has frequent merit badge classes.
NewEgg My favorite place to shop for computer hardware and software.
Nvu (pronounced N-view) is the web page editing software used for this project.  Easy to use and free!
NWTX Northwest Texas Council is our local Council.
arrowhead The premier high adventure backpacking adventure of any Scout's life. Unique Troop, Patrol and event patches!
Salt Creek Outfitters An eBay-based business.  They are our supplier of light and medium duty backpacks and other equipment.  Great prices and service!
Forms Paperwork is boring and tedious, but it cannot be avoided.  This is a good place to get those "essential papers" that we cannot do without.
ScoutStuff The official Scout store.  Helps the Scout  who cannot make it to their Council office and Scout store.
Scoutorama What a truly great site!  Lots of links for resources for all age groups.  Great ideas for service projects, Eagle projects and fund raisers.  Merit badge requirements here too.  No Scout or Scouter should miss this site!
SoldierCity Affordable military-grade and fun plain and cammo attire for your class B uniform or hunting and camping needs.
TroopMasterLogo TroopMaster makes software for managing much of the paperwork and record keeping for your Troop or Pack.  The interface is fair, but the database management is quite good.


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