There is important work to be done in good times and in bad.

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Scouts of any age are able to participate in may types of service projects.  These events are but some of the ways Scouting can provide a return on the community's investment in the Scouts.

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In September 2010 the Ministerial Alliance of Seymour, TX invited the Scouts to help in a community reroofing project for citizens in need.  Many of the local congregations set aside their differences in doctrine and listened to what the Spirit asked them to do.  This project is funded by Recovery Act funds distributed by Rolling Plains Management.

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On Saturday, 18 Jul 2009, Venture Scout Meaghan Rose and sister, Melissa Rose, rescued a downed nestling/fledgling Mississippi Kite.  After identification and consultation with Bob Lindsay of Wild Bird Rescue, Inc. of Wichita Falls, TX the young raptor was rehydrated a fed a few tasty pinkie mice.

The next day the bird was turned in to the rescue center with a $100 donation, partly from the girl's own money.  Once well grown and banded it will be released into the wild.

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In January 2009 the Scouts of Troop 71 and Crew 71 began a service project to refurbish older personal computers.  Any hard drives are removed and returned to the donor in order to protect the donor's information.  The computer restoration service project is still under way.  It costs about $100 to refurbish a PC. 

The goal is to place these computers in the homes of children who 1) do not have access to a working computer in their home, 2) have parents or guardians capable of arranging safely monitored internet access in the home, and 3) are of good character.  The Scouts ask nothing in return except for a promise of responsible ownership.

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In December 2008 the Scouts of Troop 71 and Crew 71 teamed up with the Best Buy store in Wichita Falls, TX to buy a Nintendo Wii system for Seymour Hospital of Seymour, TX.  The game console will be used to assist patients recovering from surgeries, strokes, etc.  It will also help entertain hospitalized children and the young at heart.  This was done in memory of fallen Scout Taylor Wiseman of Troop 71.  Click here or on the first picture below for the full story hosted on YouTube.

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On Boy Scout Sunday in February 2008 Troop 71 remembered Taylor Wiseman and his family.  The Troop started raising money to help cover Taylor's anticipated funeral expenses.
 Click here or on the picture below for the full story hosted on YouTube.



In January 2008 members of Troop 71 helped Life Scout Will Huddleston, of Troop 15, with his Eagle Scout service project of making a plant nursery for Habitat for Humanity in Wichita Falls, TX.

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In the summer and fall of 2007 Life Scout Matthew Rose lead his Eagle Scout service project.  It involved a written and photographic survey of the Woodmen Cemetery on the outskirts of Seymour, Baylor Co., TX.  The results are hosted on line by

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Woodmen Cemetery Can you find the two ghosts?


Other Scouting-Related Service Organizations

Order of the Arrow

Honor campers are elected into this service organizations.  Both Scout youth and Scouter adults.  Both men and women. 

Alpha Phi Omega

National service fraternity for both college men and women.


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